Why work with me?

If you seek to replace despair with hope, stagnation with growth, and isolation with engagement, you are at the right place!

Dimensions of Growth

What to expect?

Our in-person or online consultations in Budapest are designed to help you overcome difficulties such as physical symptoms, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, relationship problems, emotional problems, communication difficulties, or grief.

During our meetings, you will better understand your problems, map out their specific occurrences, the emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and possible solutions associated with them.


In our close relationships, we all follow certain patterns we have learned as children. If our parents treated us with warmth, understanding, respect and reassurance then we have a positive image of ourselves and the world. If these were damaged in any way, our connections will be insecure today.

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Our former relationships serve as a prototype for our current personal and professional connections. We enter into every new relationship with those expectations and that shapes how others behave with us. Our consultations will give you a better insight of these patterns, expectations, and how they affect your current relationships.

What to expect?

Our joint work is a process in which we usually meet once a week. The first 1-4 occasions consists a psychological assessment and we also determine what could be the purpose of our therapy in English, how long would it take, how often could we meet and what methods we would work with. In some cases, we decide in advance how many times (e.g., 4, 10, 20) do we meet. Depending on the nature of the problem, it might not be possible to provide such a number, so we will review the results of our meetings at regular intervals.
A session lasts 50 minutes including arrival and departure. If you need to cancel one of our meetings, you should do it as soon as possible, preferably 72 hours in advance, because otherwise the usual fee will be charged. If this latter happens more than once, it hinders our common counseling work, so we will review continuation.

Our joint work is not about giving advice. Problems you face aren’t likely to be solved with simple advice – if they were, they could have been solved by suggestions from friends and acquaintances. However, they can be solved by understanding your emotions and recognizing your motives, with the help of which you can make better decisions for yourself. Neither the psychologist nor anyone else knows better than you.


I work with a form of therapy called Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), which I have found to be remarkably effective in treating a wide range of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, physical symptoms, relationship problems, self-esteem issues and self-harming behaviours.

ISTDP is a fast-track model among dynamic psychotherapies for alleviating symptoms of emotional distress and promoting mental health quickly and cost-effectively. This psychotherapy method can be a highly effective, deeply transformative and emotionally powerful form of therapy.

Potential difficulties

You start the sessions and talk about anything that concerns you. Clients are often afraid of having nothing to say and may even rehearse what to say at the next psychological consultation. However, you will soon realize that it is not difficult to talk about what is within yourself. The psychologist helps you to focus on the important things and discover your thoughts, emotions, bodily feelings, relationship patterns, moods that affect your everyday life.

During our meetings, strong positive or negative feelings may appear inside you towards me. This is perfectly fine and it is one of the most important parts of our work, as they run in parallel with your usual ways of connecting. You may also want to cancel our next meeting. However, when difficult feelings appear (such as anger, anxiety or shame), it is very important to meet and talk about those feelings. This is what will be really useful for you!

We will also talk about the process of ending our meetings and optimally, you will be able to turn the emotions that come with closing to your own advantage.


Information shared by you during the Budapest psychology consultations will be treated with strict confidentiality, in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics for Psychologists and the guidelines of the GDPR. This applies to written notes during consultations, video recordings of sessions, photographs of drawings, or any other works. Exceptions to the secrecy are:

  • conditions of self-harm, public danger, endangerment of minors, substance use and pregnancy in people under 18 years of age,
  • I might review of session video recordings with my supervisor to improve the quality of your treatment.

The obligation of confidentiality continues even after the relationship with you has been terminated.

Video recording

I record my sessions so that I can review what happens later and be aware of where I can do better. Occasionally, I take the case to supervision, where I can get a virtual second medical opinion: together we look at where we could make progress in treatment and what is preventing it. I think of it as a kind of routine audit. If someone goes too long without such an audit, it can lead to problems. Getting expert feedback helps me to help you better.

You can also view the recordings if you wish. Many patients have reported that watching video of sessions has been helpful to them making them more aware of their own behavior and feelings. Patients who watch the video generally only watch a small number of sessions, but some watch almost every session. Some report that it is like having another session of therapy.

All video recordings are stored in a secure location and permanently destroyed immediately if you ask to do so or at the end of this year.

Competence and boundaries

During psychological counseling the focus of is on your everyday problems – I don’t treat mental disorders (psychopathology). Psychological counseling is a psychological intervention that works with a counseling focus, based on a situational diagnosis and aims to solve your current life situation, improve self-confidence and coping.
In case of a problem that exceeds my competence, I will refer you to an appropriate specialist (like a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist, in the case of a pathology).

Kata Tamás - Psychologist BUDAPEST

As a licensed psychologist, I have 10 years of experience working with adults in university, hospital, psychiatric, private practice settings and via telehealth.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably craving for something – like understanding, processing, help, acceptance, forgiving or connecting.

I believe that everyone has their own path of development – there is no paved highway of improvement, there isn’t a ready-made recipe or a solution formula that is useful to everyone. Accompanying you on your own completely unique path, I can give you a deeper insight into how your connections work and help you to get you closer to your goals. I confess that the most profound changes can be achieved by mapping out our patterns of connection to ourselves and others – this is what I am most happy to help you with.

Professional experience

I love psychodynamic thinking, developed a motivational theory, and studied a therapeutic method working with metaphors and symbols in the USA and England. I have worked 4 years in university counseling (KRE SOULító Kortárs Segítő Szolgálat)  with the training and supervision of Dr. Nóra Mailáth, an adult clinical psychologist in Budapest. I have worked 2 years as a volunteer in the famous Thalassa Ház. I have a strong relationship with the US community of psychologists, clinical psychologists, and psychotherapists: in 2014 I joined a team of researchers in Charleston (South Carolina, USA) to work with people suffering from severe posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or in 2017 I attended the 62. congress of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. I have 5 years of experience leading soft-skill training groups (assertive communication, conflict resolution, active listening). I am learning toward a postgraduate degree of Psychotherapist at the University of Szeged. Are you looking for a psychologist or counselor in Budapest? Take a look at my CV here.

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There might be situations in the lives of all of us where books, advice from friends, or reading blog articles fail. When a difficulty, an issue, a deadlock already has a lasting effect on our everyday lives, then it’s probably time for a change.

I would love to be your partner on the road of change!

Book an appointment, let’s take a look at your difficulties that concern you together. I look forward to meeting you!

Client feedback

"Kata is professional, authentic, friendly and has a huge experience. I highly recommend this fantastic woman and her services!"

Bíró Gabriella

"I discovered my own solution and find the way out from a quite dark place. Thank you!"

Szlovák Ildikó

"I could not imagine getting that much. I am greatful, Kata."

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1122 Krisztina krt. 7. (near Széll Kálmán square)


Between Monday-Wednesday 9am - 3pm.


25.000 HUF / 70 EUR in cash or via bank transfer


Contact me at


Are you in a crisis? Do you have phsysical problems? Do you need more constructive solutions in difficult situations? Talk about reaching your goals more effectively!


Are you stuck? Do you overreact seemingly easy situations? Do you repeat unhealthy patterns in your relationships? Are you anxious? Map together the way out!


Do you long for deeper understanding? Are you affected by LMBTQ+ topics? Do you need new perspectives of your difficulties? Give yourself "Me-time" in an accepting, loving environment!

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